Hot air plastic welding – a cost effective solution for bonding plastic parts and surfaces

Plastic products and parts can’t always be made in one piece. Identifying the best way to bond the surfaces together can make a big difference in terms of production and installation time and cost.

A cost effective and efficient alternative to adhesives and fasteners is hot air welding. Delivered using a hand-held hot air welder or semi/fully automatic welding machine, hot air welding has many advantages. We’ve set out just some of these below:


Strong bonds

When done correctly, plastic welding creates a permanent bond on products, fixing parts and surfaces together on a molecular level, meaning it can also be used to effectively join different plastics with different compositions.



Hot air plastic welding can be used to repair thermoplastics that have become cracked and broken quickly and easily, removing the need for expensive fillers or special treatments.


Faster production times

Plastic welding is a faster bonding solution to using adhesives and fasteners that need time to set, cure and fix in place.

An expert plastic welder and the right equipment can deliver high output levels, speeding production runs. And once the weld has cooled down it is good to go.


Effective seals

Hot air welding creates watertight and airtight bonds between connected parts, removing concerns about leakage with a complete, unbroken seal, quickly and easily.


Highly durable

Expertly applied, plastic welding creates incredibly strong and long-lasting seals which can equivalent to 98% of the strength of the parent material.


Quality of finish

When the cosmetic quality of the bond is important, when smooth lines and a virtually invisible seal is essential, welding the plastic is the solution. And if required the welds can easily be rubbed down for an even more perfect finish.


Lighter weight loads

As plastic welding creates molecular changes in existing plastics no weight is added in the process, unlike with metal fasteners, keeping shipping and handling charges as low as possible.

To find out more about how plastic welding can help improve the quality and speed of your plastic material bonding, contact our expert team.

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